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Testimonials are a popular way of advertising services. Unfortunately testimonials only mention success stories and can offer an unbalanced view. There is no simple way of knowing if testimonials are […]


Another painful and debilitating condition, trochanter bursitis is typically noticed with disturbed sleep when lying on the side. Walking becomes too painful with pain in the hip often extending down […]

Trochanter Bursitis (Hip Pain)

Fish oil is now recommended for many conditions and the list continues to grow. The EPA and DHA abundant in fish oil are beneficial in pregnancy, arthritis, anxiety and depression, […]

What should Fish Oil be used for?

Achilles tendon pain can get in the way of a retiree’s morning walk, stop an athlete’s exercise routine or a social tennis game. In case you are not sure where […]

Achilles Tendon Pain

Anyone who has given up smoking (and most smokers have given up at least once), knows that smoking can be a particularly challenging habit to change. Testimony to this is […]

Kicking the Habit