Achilles Tendon Pain

Achilles tendon pain can get in the way of a retiree’s morning walk, stop an athlete’s exercise routine or a social tennis game. In case you are not sure where it is, the achilles tendon is the thick tendon above your heel that connects the calf muscle to the foot. This painful condition starts out with achilles stiffness in the morning and progresses to temporary pain with exercise, to pain all day and eventually to a lump around the bottom of the tendon.

We have been treating midpoint achilles tendon pain at Kenmore Centre for Health using exercise therapy, massage, acupuncture and infrared laser for many years. More recently we have developed an especially effective treatment for achilles tendon pain (often mistakenly called achilles tendonitis). It involves a short course of saline injections into specific points around the achilles tendon using very fine needles. As saline is used there are none of the risks of a cortisone injection. In many cases as little as five treatments can lead to long term improvement.