Acupuncture: As Effective as Drugs for Relieving Pain and Nausea.

A newly published study on acupuncture in 4 Melbourne emergency departments showed acupuncture as a valuable alternative to drug therapy. 200 patients experiencing pain and/or nausea received acupuncture and usual care instead of drug therapy. The acupuncture group was compared with patients who received usual care and drugs for pain and nausea only and the results in the groups were much the same. The majority of patients in the study (58.5%) presented with musculoskeletal conditions (such as back pain and sprained ankles) followed by abdominal or flank pain (24.5%), headache (7.5%), and other (9.5%). There are many reasons why drug therapy may be an unsuitable treatment option for some people such as potential side effects, drug interactions, pregnancy, allergies or personal preference. This study shows the value of acupuncture as an alternative to drugs for treating acute pain and nausea. The paper in full is available at