Improve Your Sinus and Hayfever: What to Eat to Avoid Inflammation

Allergies can be very troubling and we offer a range of options in the clinic to assist with allergies from acupuncture and Chinese herbs to specialized naturopathic immune techniques. There are also a range of things that you can do for yourself as well. It has been found that people in Greece have very few reported allergies. One reason for this may be their diet which is high in antioxidant foods as well as the omega 3 oils found in fish. These foods can have anti-inflammatory effects on the body.  This anti-inflammatory effect can benefit sinus, hayfever and some other allergies. The other side effect is a boost in energy and wellbeing.

So, what foods can reduce and prevent inflammation?

Omega 3 fatty acids are found in fish such as wild salmon, cod, and sardines. Antioxidant foods include: tart cherries (also called sour cherries); avocado; beans; eggs; leafy greens (especially darker ones); broccoli (has a lot of vitamin C and calcium); asparagus; bean sprouts; tomatoes; berries; apples and pears; nuts, green tea. Spices like ginger, basil, cayenne pepper and turmeric contain anti-inflammatory compounds which actively reduce inflammation. In Chinese medicine tumeric it is called Yu jin and also benefits the liver. Of course if you are sensitive to any of these foods it’s best to avoid it. Try incorporating some of the above foods into your diet and look for a reduction in your allergy symptoms!