Kicking the Habit

Anyone who has given up smoking (and most smokers have given up at least once), knows that smoking can be a particularly challenging habit to change. Testimony to this is that in a working age population of 14.2 million, Australia still has 3 million people (21%) who smoke every day. As any ex smoker will tell you though, quitting smoking leads to a new lease on life, and saves a lot of money. Many strategies are available to help give up smoking. There are nicotine patches and gum, acupuncture, the prescription medication zyban, the governments quit campaign, willpower and more.

At Kenmore Centre for Health we have developed a multifaceted programme incorporating acupuncture to give up smoking. Acupuncture is well known to help with anxiety, stress and depression, and has been researched and used internationally as part of drug and alcohol detox programmes. We use both laser and conventional acupuncture to ease withdrawals and manage stress. Herbs and EFT may also be used depending on circumstances. An initial course of 4 treatments 3 days apart is typically effective to help people towards being a non smoker. The clinic also helps with other stress management and detoxification strategies which are essential for long term success and wellbeing