Laser Acupuncture Effective for Depression

An Australian study reported in the Journal of Affective Disorders (June 2013) found that twice weekly infra-red laser applied to 5 traditional acupuncture points for 4 weeks, followed by once a week treatment for another 4 weeks (total of 12 sessions) resulted in improvement in depression scores. This trial was compared to placebo treatment where an inactive laser was used on the control group. The results showed a clinically and statistically significant benefit from laser treatment compared to the placebo group. Laser is popular for conducting clinical acupuncture trials as it easy to develop a placebo control – simply insert an inactive laser diode and neither the patient or the practitioner knows if they are receiving the real (or active) treatment or the placebo  (control ) treatment.

The clinic uses infra-red laser and is able to offer this treatment for those who would prefer a needle-free treatment.

Laser acupuncture for depression: a randomised double blind controlled trial using low intensity laser intervention. Quah-Smith I1, Smith C, Crawford JD, Russell J.