Trochanter Bursitis (Hip Pain)

Another painful and debilitating condition, trochanter bursitis is typically noticed with disturbed sleep when lying on the side. Walking becomes too painful with pain in the hip often extending down the side of the leg and even to the knee. The greater trochanter area (hip joint) becomes excruciating when touched.

This condition is conventionally treated with stretching and steroid injections, with many sufferers left with chronic pain. After exploring a range of approaches to this complaint, the clinic has found very good results using Biomesotherapy and/or infrared laser therapy. Improvement is usually obvious by the third treatment. At the time of writing we have several clients with a history of long term pain who are no longer troubled by this condition. A number of early cases have been fully resolved. This same approach has also been helpful for the pain associated with mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the hip.