Memory and Chinese Medicine

We are often asked if anything can be done to help improve memory. This question is not only from people experiencing age related memory decline, but common from students preparing for exams and busy stressed people as well.  The role of Chinese herbs for memory has been documented since the first herbal medicine text, Sheng Nong Ben Cao Jing in the Han dynasty, 1-2 century.

A recent review of herbal formulae traditionally used to improve memory found ten herbs were commonly used among memory formulae, and in particular the herbs Fu ling, Yuan Zhi, Gan Cao, Dang gui, and Shu Di Huang all have a plausible biomedical relationship to memory improvement. As with all Chinese herbal medicine the herbs actually dispensed will vary with the individual circumstances. When dealing with memory the role of the Omega 3 fatty acids is also crucial and fish oil is often used if dietary levels are inadequate.  Managing stress, treating hormone imbalance and maintaining healthy exercise also helps to balance hormone levels, boost circulation and improve memory.