Get rid of the barriers to weight loss!- A healthy start to 2012

By Ruth Sladek, Naturopath, Nutritionist – Kenmore Centre for Health

Are you tired of beginning each year with great intentions of losing weight then discover it’s not as easy as you thought? It is even more frustrating for those doing all the right things but not receiving the deserved results. Don’t despair and most definitely don’t give up. You may be one of the many who have a persistent but hidden health problem. If so, these underlying health factors must be identified for them to be addressed once and for all. You will not only have defeated your barrier to weight loss, you will start enjoying the overall benefits of better health!

Here are a number of factors which can adversely affect the ability to lose weight.

  1. Hormones: Excessive levels of estrogen in men and woman can lead to an inability to lose weight. Excess body fat around hips and thighs or ‘man boobs’ are linked to high estrogen levels
  2. Thyroid: The thyroid gland controls our metabolism. An under functioning thyroid can slow down the metabolism which can result in hard to shift body weight.
  3. Adrenals: The adrenal cortex produces a hormone called cortisol which plays an important role in our immune function, blood sugar regulation and energy production. Prolonged stress can lead to chronically elevated cortisol levels which in turn can lead to excess body fat especially around the abdominal area.
  4. Microbes:  Intestinal microbes like parasites or candida can affect our metabolism as well as cravings for the ‘wrong’ foods which can make it tricky to shift weight.
  5. Poor liver function: The liver is the body’s filter. If the liver is sluggish, environmental toxins as well as hormones are not metabolized effectively. Toxins and hormones can adversely affect metabolic function, which can make it hard to shift weight.
  6. The wrong diet: The diet you are eating may not be right for you. There are a great number of diets and eating plans out there and there really is no one fits all approach to healthy eating. It may simply be a matter of identifying a diet which is right for you.

Your Naturopath can help determine if any of these factors are contributing to your difficulty in weight loss success. They then can provide the appropriate treatment to address this as well as identifying what is the right diet for you. 2012 can be the year that you really can achieve the success you deserve.