What should Fish Oil be used for?

Fish oil is now recommended for many conditions and the list continues to grow. The EPA and DHA abundant in fish oil are beneficial in pregnancy, arthritis, anxiety and depression, along with learning and behaviour problems in children. It helps eczema and dry eyes, benefits the memory and may delay dementia. Fish oil is also recommended for people with heart disease as it reduces blood stickiness and lowers blood fats. Ironically fish is not always an ideal source of fish oil! Polluted oceans have resulted in unsafe levels of mercury in some fish. It is now recommended that pregnant women and children restrict their fish intake depending on the type of fish eaten, and to only consume 2-3 serves a week even of “safe” fish species.

Fish oil is usually most effective in relatively high doses. Innovation in processing has resulted in concentrated products making it easier to take the required dose. For example a typical dose for inflammatory conditions such as arthritis or eczema would be 1 teaspoon of the concentred liquid or six of the concentrated capsules which we use at the clinic. This dose is equivalent to 10 regular capsules or a tablespoon of regular fish oil!

To ensure safety in taking the higher doses of fish oil that are effective, KCFH uses only concentrated fish oil supplements that exceed Australian standards. This oil also exceeds quality standards set by the European Union and the Canadian Council for Responsible Nutrition regarding acceptable levels for common contaminants including lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)