Why Can‘t I Lose Weight!

One of the most frustrating problems is when you are madly dieting and exercising but you’re still not shifting those kilos! This is usually a strong indicator that there is an underlying health issue that should be addressed. The good news is that once these issues are identified, these blocks to weight lose can be directly resolved. You will also be on track to overall better health and wellbeing. We have a more detailed brochure available at the clinic on this issue but in summary the most common blocks to weight loss are:

  1. High estrogen levels
  2. An under-functioning thyroid
  3. Adrenal glands producing elevated cortisol
  4. Intestinal microbes like parasites or candida
  5. Heavy metal toxicity
  6. Poor liver function
  7. The diet you are eating is not right for you.

Reversing these problems safely and naturally is where Naturopathy excels so don’t be defeated, listen to the message your body is giving you and talk to your Naturopath.