How to Boost your Immunity for COVID-19

Its up to your own immune system to clear the virus

COVID-19 Coronovirus has been declared a pandemic. Because it is a new virus there is no pre-existing immunity in the community so most people are vulnerable to infection. Most people also recover. In order to recover the body’s own immune system has to clear the virus.

Lifestyle factors which improve immunity

Poor sleep reduces immune function.

Poor quality sleep can impair the immune system eg people with poor quality sleep have 4-5 times the risk of developing the common cold. Our practitioners can assist if you need help to establish better sleep. This article may be useful for self help 10 tips to beat insomnia


Obesity results in poorer immune function and more persistent viral illness. With the cooler weather it is a great time to establish some good exercise habits and tackle excess kilos.
Our Naturopaths/Nutritionists can assist with weight management strategies.

Gut Health.

The immune system has a close relationship with gut health and the microbiome. A diet low in sugars /alcohol and processed foods and rich in a variety of vegetables is excellent support for the microbiome. Some probiotics specifically support the immune system. Symptoms of bloating, diarrhoea or constipation indicate that gut health needs attention. Our Naturopaths can help with guidance on gut health if needed.

Vitamin D.

Low levels of Vitamin D are linked to a higher risk of pneumonia. If you have been diagnosed with low vitamin D levels, ensure that you are taking your supplementation.