Weight Control & Vitality

AgingSometimes, despite seeming to do all the right things weight just doesn’t shift. There can be a number of barriers to weight loss (a few are mentioned here)  and addressing these is a fundamental step on the way back to good health.  Our weight control programme is focussed on resetting the body’s metabolism to function as it was intended.This is achieved with a combination of everyday foods to deliver the correct balance of protein, healthy fats and the right type of carbohydrates. Supplementation is used where necessary to address imbalances which are acting as a block to weight loss.

It is typical of a successful weight loss programme to find that abdominal bloating is gone, energy is improved, mental clarity has returned, cholesterol and blood pressure improve or normalised, and hormonal imbalances often improve or disappear. This is because many of the changes in the body that lead to being overweight trigger or aggravate these conditions. Recent research reveals that obesity leads to a 58% increased risk of cancer.

Many popular dietary regimes commonly used today tend to lead to the loss of muscle mass. This results in less muscle available to burn fat when exercising leading to rapid weight gain when the wrong foods are eaten. Evidence indicates that preserving the bodies lean body mass (your weight less fat) is the most important biological marker of ageing i.e. your body ages faster if you lose muscle. We use Bio-impedance analysis to accurately measure and track your lean body mass.

Effective weight control requires an individualised programme targeting specific nutritional needs.