Your first Massage Appoinment

Deep tissue massage

Please Arrive on Time or Early

If it is your first massage at the clinic please arrive 15 minutes before you appointment time so you can complete a health history form specific for massage. This will need to be completed even if you have been to the clinic previously for Acupuncture or Naturopathy. We pride ourselves for running on time so that we do not waste your valuable time, so please assist us with this by arriving punctually for your appointment. If you are running late this will reduce the time you will have in your massage.

What To Bring

If you have been referred for massage by another health care practitioner please bring any written referrals with you. Also bring your Private Health Fund card as most health funds are connected to on the spot claims through HiCaps.

Should I bring Xrays/Ultrasounds & MRI’s?

If you would like an ongoing and more complex problem addressed by massage you may like to bring your Xray/MRI/Ultrasound reports with you.

How should I dress?

Massage can access various parts of the body depending on the reason for attending and we recommend wearing loose comfortable clothing. It is usual to change down to your underwear unless only a specific part of the body is being addressed. Your massage therapist will use drapes throughout your massage for your comfort and privacy.

Underwear is never removed and clients are always draped for modesty.

What form of payment is accepted.

We will process your health fund rebate on the spot wherever possibly through the HiCaps terminal so please bring your private health fund card with you. We accept payment by Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard and cash. If you are redeeming a Gift Voucher please bring the voucher with you.

Please turn off your mobile phone during treatment.