Your First Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine Appointment

Acupuncture needles and chinese herbal medicine selection.

Your first appointment is the most critical time with your practitioner. This is where information is collected and synthesized to develop a working diagnosis and treatment plan.

Please Arrive on Time or Early

Extra time is allocated for a first Acupuncture/Chinese medicine appointment so it is important to arrive on time, and preferably a little earlier so that nothing interferes with this appointment.

On arrival our receptionist will give you a health history form to complete. This can take up to 15 minutes (or a little longer in complex cases). We pride ourselves for running on time so that we do not waste your valuable time. Please assist us with this by arriving punctually for your appointment.

What To Bring

Our practitioners integrate the best that modern research has to offer with the wisdom that comes from the natural medicine tradition. To achieve the best results please bring with you the results of any tests you have had with your doctor or elsewhere, and a list of your current medications and supplements.

Also bring your Health Fund card so we can process your claim through HiCaps.

What about Xrays/Ultrasounds & MRI’s?

The results of these tests provide a valuable insight into your condition and often help to focus treatment more effectively. The current trend in radiology is to email reports to doctors and give films without the report to patients. Unfortunately in most cases without a written report it is not possible to interpret the films properly. It is good practice to always request a written copy of the report to keep with your films. Please ask your doctors receptionist for a copy of the report and bring it to your first visit (and keep a copy with the films for future reference).

How should I dress?

Acupuncture accesses various parts of the body depending on the reason for attending. We recommend wearing loose comfortable clothing (no skinny jeans please!). Depending on the area being treated or the location of acupuncture points used some clothing may need to be removed.

Underwear is never removed and clients are always draped for modesty.

What form of payment is accepted.

We will process your health fund rebate on the spot wherever possibly through the HiCaps terminal so please bring your health funds card with you. We accept payment by Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard and cash. If you have a gift voucher please bring this along with you.

Do supplements cost extra

The visit fee covers the consultation and treatment only. Additional costs are incurred for any tests that may be conducted (such as a zinc taste test) or supplements or herbs prescribed. Your practitioner will let you know if any additional testing is required and tell you the cost of this before they conduct the test.